Kenya is a traditional tourist destination and offers a variety of tourist attractions ranging from wildlife safaris, beach holidays, ornithology, camping and hiking to conference tourism as well as sports tourism. Bamburi Beach, Mombasa

The latter includes golf, fishing, sailing, river rafting, cycling, marathons, scuba diving, water skiing and bungee jumping. Kenya’s tourism products and services can therefore be broadly categorized as based on natural, cultural, human and capital resources.

The tourism sector in Kenya is an important economic activity committed to provision of high quality facilities and services for enjoyment by both the citizens and visitors alike. It is an instrument for promoting the economy in terms of job creation, good living standards and foreign exchange sources.

Tourism further encourages international social integration through inter-cultural marriages and other interactions. Many Kenyans have encountered their life partners through tourism. Tourism therefore, plays a significant role in international social, cultural and racial understanding and tolerance.